Alvus S.r.l.

VORN Bioenergy acquires Italian biomethane developer and partner company Alvus. Alvus development pipeline is located in Northern Italy and consists of medium to large-scale biomethane plants.

VORN Bioenergy GmbH aquires 100% of the shares in Alvus S.r.l. und Favus S.r.l..

About the Target – Alvus

Alvus S.r.l. (“Alvus”) is an Italian biomethane plant developer with proprietary technology and being exclusively mandated for biomethane developments in Italy by VORN Bioenergy. Alvus has successfully developed over ten biomethane plants to a significant status, the capacity of these projects ranges from 500 to 1,000 Sm3/h of biomethane, the equivalent of 45 to 90 GWh per year. The plants will be located in Northern Italy and benefit from last year’s Italian biomethane decree, Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza (PNRR).

About the Buyer – VORN Bioenergy

VORN Bioenergy GmbH (“VORN Bioenergy”) is a leading project developer and biomethane producer, with over 40 biogas projects delivered in Germany and beyond, including Europe’s first biomethane plant in 2006. The company has delivered project development, construction, management, and optimization across a 130+ MW biogas portfolio in six European markets and has an additional 90+ MW development pipeline, fully focused on biomethane.

VORN Bioenergy’s mission is to unlock the potential of biogas across Europe, because the green energy transition depends on low-carbon gas and fuel solutions.

VORN Bioenergy is a portfolio company of Macquarie Green Investment (“MGI”) operating as an independent, specialist biogas business.

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