Amperax Energie GmbH

Amperax Energie acquires P3000 wind turbine technology from German wind energy developer Prokon. Its advanced technology, which includes a rotor blade design minimizing noise emissions and increasing energy output.

Amperax Energie GmbH acquired the P3000 wind turbine technology to partly manufacture turbines in Turkey and also to enter the Turkish market

About the Target – Prokon

Prokon Regenerative Energien eG (“Prokon”), a German energy cooperative specializing in renewable energy, is the manufacturer of the P3000 wind turbine. The Prokon P3000 has a hub height of up to 135 meters and a rotor diameter of 112 meters, making it a large and powerful wind turbine. It has a rated capacity of 3 MW and can generate electricity for up to 2,000 homes per year. One of the key features of the Prokon P3000 is its advanced technology, which includes a rotor blade design that minimizes noise emissions and increases energy output. The insolvency administrator Dr Dietmar Penzlin of Schmidt-Jortzig Petersen Penzlin has decided to sell the turbine technology separately.

About the Buyer – Amperax

Amperax Energie GmbH (“Amperax”) is entering the power generation sector for the first time through the acquisition of P3000 technology, expanding its role from energy trading to energy generation. As a result, Amperax is a Germany-based company that offers its customers a complete service and maintenance concept. The overall concept includes maintenance and service for wear parts and main components of the A3000 wind turbine. The systems are remotely monitored around the clock. The company provides operational reports and detailed evaluations that give customers insight into the performance of their turbines.

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