PLT Pellet Lohnfertigung Torgau GmbH

PLT, a German-based wood pallet manufacturer, acquires German Pellets Sachsen, a German-based wood pellet plant in Torgau.

PLT Pellet Lohnfertigung Torgau GmbH, a Germany-based company engaged in the production of wood pallets, acquired German Pellets Sachsen GmbH, a Germany-based wood pellets plant in Torgau

About the Target – German Pellets

German Pellets Sachsen GmbH (“German Pellets”) operated two wood pellet plants in Torgau. German Pellets was a major player in the European wood pellet industry with production facilities in Germany and the United States. The company supplied wood pellets for residential and industrial heating and power generation. Founded in 2005, the company expanded rapidly to become one of the largest wood pellet producers in the world, with production facilities in Germany, the United States and Canada.

About the Seller – White & Case

White & Case LLP (“White & Case”) is a well-established global law firm specialising in acting as insolvency practitioners in complex and high-value insolvency cases. The firm’s approach is to work closely with companies, creditors and other stakeholders to manage and resolve financially distressed situations. White & Case’s insolvency practice draws on its in-depth knowledge of corporate finance, restructuring and insolvency law to provide clients with tailored advice. The firm’s lawyers have extensive experience in all facets of insolvency administration, including negotiating with creditors, facilitating asset sales and developing effective restructuring plans.

About the Buyer – PLT

PLT Pellet Lohnfertigung Torgau GmbH (“PLT”) is a German company specialising in the production of wood pellets. It was established in 2008 and is located in Torgau, Germany. The company operates production facilities capable of producing high quality wood pellets from various wood sources such as sawdust, wood shavings and wood chips.

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