PreZero Group

PreZero acquires a 60% stake in Pyral, a German company with a focus on recycling aluminum waste. PreZero will assume operational control over the two Pyral sites, dedicated to the recycling of approx. 60,000 tons of metal-laden waste per year.

PreZero Group, an environmental service provider and recycling company, has acquired a 60% stake in Pyral AG

About the Target – Pyral

Pyral AG (“Pyral”) uses innovative pyrolysis technologies for environmentally friendly metal-containing waste processing and provides aluminum recycling. The German-based company offers self-developed solutions in the field of mechanical sorting and thermal processing of metals. The company’s goal is to create sustainable products and services that help protect the environment and promote a circular economy.

About the Buyer – PreZero

PreZero Group (“PreZero”) is an internationally active environmental service provider in the waste and recycling industry. PreZero is the environmental division of the Neckarsulm-based Schwarz Group, which also owns the retail companies Kaufland and Lidl as well as Schwarz Produktion. PreZero currently employs around 30,000 people globally in 485 locations in Germany, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the USA.

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