ROBUR Industry Service GmbH

ROBUR, a German company providing industrial and technical services, acquires WKA Blade Service, a company engaged in the development, design, investment and manufacture of wind turbines for the construction of wind or solar farms.

ROBUR Industry Service GmbH, a Germany-based company engaged in providing industrial and technical services, has acquired WKA Blade Service GmbH

About the Target – WKA Blade Service

WKA Blade Service GmbH (“WKA Blade Service”) is a German company specialising in the maintenance, repair and inspection of wind turbine blades. The company was founded in 2012 and has since become one of the leading providers of rotor blade services in Europe. WKA Blade Services provides solutions in the areas of post-warranty inspections, damage assessment, blade repairs and blade cleaning. In addition to its maintenance and repair services, WKA Blade Service also provides technical consultancy and training to its customers.

About the Seller – GES

Global Energy Services S.A. (“GES”) is the global market leader in construction and services for the wind and solar industries with locations in over 20 countries. With a clear focus on constructing, operating, and maintaining wind farms and solar plants, GES boasts 20 subsidiaries across the globe and generated sales of approximately EUR 560m in the most recent fiscal year. The majority owners of GES are funds managed by 3i, a leading European private equity firm with assets under management exceeding EUR 12bn.

About the Buyer – ROBUR

Founded in 2015, ROBUR Industry Service Group GmbH (“ROBUR”) is an integrated provider of industrial services in the areas of design and construction, operation and maintenance, relocation and disassembly. With locations in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, ROBUR is one of the leading industrial service providers in Germany.

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