STRABAG Offshore Wind

D.CT has undertaken a comprehensive marketability analysis for STRABAG Offshore, an Austrian developer of offshore wind foundations and EPC provider for offshore installations using proprietary installation technology.

D.CT has been appointed to carry out a qualitative assessment regarding the attractiveness of STRABAG Offshore Wind for a potential sale.

About the Target – STRABAG Offshore

STRABAG Offshore Wind GmbH (“STRABAG Offshore”), a subsidiary of STRABAG SE (“STRABAG”), a European construction company headquartered in Austria. STRABAG Offshore has developed a new installation concept for the installation of offshore wind farms. This concept allows for significantly reduced costs by preinstalling the entire turbine including foundation onshore and reducing expensive offshore work to a minimum. Belonging to an experienced construction firm, STRABAG Offshore also offers EPC to minimize interfaces with suppliers.

STRABAG is a European construction company headquartered in Austria, with global operations. While the company is not exclusively focused on renewable energy, it has undertaken various projects in this field. One of STRABAG’s main areas of focus in the renewable energy sector is the construction of wind farms. The company has built numerous wind farms in several countries, including Germany, Poland, and Romania. In addition, STRABAG has also worked on the construction of solar power plants and hydropower plants.

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