WRZ Hörger GmbH & Co. KG

WRZ Hörger, a German waste management company, acquires BioHKW Herbrechtingen, a biomass power plant, from Denham Capital, a US-based private equity firm.

WRZ Hörger GmbH & Co. KG has acquired a biomass power plant Biomasseheizkraftwerk Herbrechtingen GmbH from Denham Capital Management LP

About the Target – BioCHP Herbrechtingen

Biomasseheizkraftwerk Herbrechtingen GmbH (“BioCHP Herbrechtingen”) is one of the most modern biomass cogeneration plants in Germany. The plant is fuelled by approximately 120,000-160,000 tonnes of waste wood. BioCHP Herbrechtingen produces a thermal energy output of 49 MWth and an electrical energy output of 15.7 MWel.

About the Seller – Denham Capital

Denham Capital Management LP (“Denham Capital”) is a global private equity firm focused on energy and natural resources investments. Founded in 2004, the firm manages capital on behalf of institutional investors, including endowments, foundations and pension funds. Denham Capital’s investment strategy focuses on identifying attractive investment opportunities in the energy and resources sectors, including oil and gas, power generation, mining and renewable energy. Denham Capital typically invests in companies with a proven track record and growth potential, often taking an active role in the management and growth of these businesses.

About the Buyer – WRZ Hörger

WRZ Hörger GmbH & Co. KG (“WRZ Hörger”) is a company that has been an established partner in the field of municipal waste management and the disposal of industrial, commercial and trade waste since 1970. WRZ Hörger’s concept includes individual customer advice and support, short routes between order acceptance and processing, flexibility and speed in scheduling operations, a fleet of modern logistics systems and vehicles, transfer stations that enable rapid handling and transport of recyclables and waste, and sorting systems that enable the recovery of sorted recyclables.

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